Chinese Black Tea

Black tea, or Black tea.During the processing of black tea, the chemical reaction centered on the enzymatic oxidation of tea polyphenols occurs. The composition of fresh leaves changes greatly, and the tea polyphenols decrease by more than 90%, and new components and aroma substances such as theaflavin and thearboxin are produced, which have the characteristics of black tea, red soup, red leaves and sweet alcohol.Qimen black tea is the most famous black tea.

chinese black tea

Black tea is fully fermented tea, is suitable for tea leaves as raw materials, withering, rolling (cutting), fermentation, drying and a series of technological processes refined from the tea.Withering is an important process of black tea, black tea is called "black tea" at the beginning of the system.Black tea gets its name from the red color of the tea soup and leaves after the dry tea is brewed.Chinese black tea varieties mainly include: Rizhao black tea, Qi red, Zhaoping red, Huo red, Dian red, Yue red, Quancheng red, Su red, Sichuan red, Yingred, Dongjiang Chuyunxian black tea, etc. In 2013, Hunan Dongjiang Chuyunxian black tea won the special prize of "China Tea Cup".

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