Flower and Grass Tea

In the western countries, flower tea is as popular as basic tea in China.

Flower tea is easy to get and make, without caffeine but with the fragrance of a flower or plant. It can help you relax. It has become a trendy health drink.

There are many flowers and grass that can be made into tea, such as the chrysanthemum, rose, sweet-scented osmanthus, jasmine, lavender, mint, roselle, honeysuckle, purple perilla, mulberry leaves and the lotus leaves. Both the fresh leaves or flowers, and the dried flowers or leaves can be made intodrinks if brewed in hot water, or boiled, or with ice cube, and can be drunk separately or together with the other flower, grass or fruit or herbal drinks.

Sweet Osmanthus Tea

Sweet osmanthus, or Dangui, Yingui, Sijigui and Yangui in Chinese, has a strong fragrance and can be used to brew wine, or eaten or made into scent bags. It tastes pungent and can be used to treat asthmas, ease rheumatism, joint pain and stomachache, etc. TIPS

Gargling with the sweet osmanthus tea can cure halitosis.

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