The Advantages of Brewing tea in a Teapot

Drinking public green tea, pay attention to the charm of tea, you can choose a covered teapot, tea cup. Teapots generally choose purple clay teapots or porcelain teapots, and wash the teapots and teacups before making tea.

Brewing tea with a teapot is suitable for brewing medium and low grade green tea, which has more cellulose in the tea, is suitable for multiple brewing, and the tea taste is also strong. Similarly, it is generally not suitable to make delicate famous teas with a teapot, because there is too much water in the teapot, it is not easy to cool down, and it will stew the tea leaves, making the tea lose its fresh flavour. First, put the appropriate amount of tea in the pot, the amount of tea depends on the size of the pot and personal habits. Then use 90℃ ~ 100℃ boiling water high into the teapot, cover the pot, 3 ~ 5 minutes after you can drink tea.

Generally speaking, it is the common etiquette of Chinese people of all ethnic groups to invite guests to drink tea, and it is more formal to use tea cups at this time. However, low-grade tea and green tea powder are more suitable for teapots, which are not only easy to separate the tea soup from the tea, but also more convenient to drink. Also, if there are many tea drinkers, it is better to use a teapot, because the purpose is not to appreciate the aroma of tea, but to quench their thirst.

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