Famous Dark Tea in China

Guangxi Dark Tea

It refers to Liubao tea produced in Liubao Township, Cangwu County. The tea is dark brown with luster. Dark reddish-brown, the tea liquid tastes sweet and strong, the flavor is of betel palm and it has a lasting aftertaste.

Liubao Tea features red color, strong taste. The tea with the golden "fungoid flowers" is the best.

Sichuan Dark Tea

Sichuan dark tea can be divided into Nanlubian Tea and Xilubian Tea, including Kangzhuan Brick Tea, Gloden Shoot Tea and Fangbao, etc.

Yunnan Dark Tea

Yunnan dark tea mainly refers to Pu-erh tea, which is made from Dianging loose tea with the pileW ementation process and normally comoressed into Qizi tea cake, brick tea or Tuocha, etc.

Hunan Dark Tea

Hunan dark tea can be classified into Xiangjian Tea, Fuzhuan Tea, Heizhuan tea and Huazhuan tea.

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