Jiuqu Hongmei

Short for Jiuquhong, it is produced along the Qiantang River, Zhejiang.

The leaves are compact and curly. It is lustrous black with even buds. The liquid is red, strong and mellow. Long Jing black tea produced in Hangzhou and Fuyang is actually Jiuqu Hongmei. The tea academy believes Jiuqu Hongmei, having a century-old production history, was originally produced in Jiuqu Brook, Wuyishan, Fujian. It is a kind of souchong Gongfu black tea. It is curly like hooks. The tea is lustrous black and tastes sweeand cool. The liquid is red and bright with quality parallel to Qihongfffff, black tea. During the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Period (1851-1864), the locals of Jiuqu Brook moved to the north of Zhejiang spreading the process of Jiuqu black tea to Zhejiang.

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