Qihong Gongfu

Qihong Gongfu, also called Qimen Gongfu or Qihong in short, is produced in Qimen and its neighboring counties in Anhui. During the Guangxu Period in the Qing Dynasty, Qianxian-born Yu Ganchen planted a black tea plant similar to the Gongfu black tea. He planted another tea plant in Qint in Qimen to further expand black tea production. The geographical advantages give the processed black tea its natural aroma. Qihong Gongfu worthe gold medal in the 1915 Panama Pacific International Expositionand topped export prices among all black tea. Lustrous black Qihong Gonftea has a strong honeyed sweetness. The liquid is red and tastes Imellow. The brewed leaves are soft and bright. Qihong Gongfu is suitable fodrinking without additives. When adding milk, the liquid turns pink.

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