Famous Chinese black tea:Souchong

Lapsang Souchong It is classified into Lapsang souchong and Waishan souchong.Lapsang souchong, produced in Tongmuguan,Xingcun Village of Wuyishan National Nature Reserve,is also called Xingcun souchong or Tongmuguan souchong.Souchong,produced in Shaowu, Guangze,Zhenghe,Tanyang,Beiling, Gutian,Pingnan, Shaxian of Fujian and Qianshan of Jiangxi, is of poor quality and is called Waishan souchong or artificial souchong,no longer in the market today. However,thanks to its century-old popularity,

Lapsang souchong is popular among European countries,especially the royalty of the UK. The leaves of the dry tea are compact and thick. It is dark with a lingering pine aroma. The liquid is yellow and tastes mellow with a longan flavor. The brewed leaves are thick and bronze-colored.

The rough processing of souchong black tea:

Plucking fresh leaves→sun withering→twisting→fermentation→ black-processing pot (fixation)→re-twisting→baking


Black-processing pot:lt is a special step to process souchong black tea to stop the tea fermentation. It preserves the tea polyphenol and reddens the liquid enriching its flavor.

Souchong black tea has European and Chinese mainland flavors with different quality and features.

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