Famous Taiwan Blue Tea,Dongding Oolong

Dongding Oolong,produced in Mount Dongding of Phoenix Ranges,Lugu Town,Nantou County, is the best Taiwan blue tea. It is also planted in the nearby Fenghang and Yonglong villages.Farmers have to stiffen their toes (Dongding) to reach the peak of Mount Dongding,(700m high) to pluck the tea leaves. The half-ball curly leaves are green and oily. The liquid is bright yellow with a natural flowery fragrance. It tastes fresh and sweet. The brewed leaf is even and unbroken.

Dongding Oolong rough-processing technology:

Fresh leave→solarization→drying in the air→rocking→roasted fixation→twisting →first baking → pack twisting (multiple)→ re- baking→more baking

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