Questions about Chinese tea and tea set

Q.Is black tea made from leaves of the black tea tree?

A:No.Shoots of all kinds of tea trees can be made into black tea,green tea,blue tea,yellow tea,white tea and dark tea.The shoots and leaves of the same tree can be made into green tea with the green tea technique,or black tea with the black tea technique.Only the quality will differ.

Q.Does the term Long Jing refer only to tea?

A:Long Jing is a name referring to several items.In the southwest mountains in Hangzhou,the origin of West Lake Long Jing,there is the Long Jing Temple,Long Jing Village,Long Jing Spring and Long Jing tea there. 

Q.What does Pu-erh mean?

A:Pu-erh comes from the Hani language,an ethnic group in Yunnan Province.It means a place with water and homes.

Q.Is black tea called hei cha in Chinese?

A:No.the Chinese language calls black tea hong cha,which literally means“red tea.”

Q.Which helps to ease the thirst better in summer,iced tea or hot tea?

A:Hot tea

Q.Is it Gongfu black tea or Kungfu black tea?

A:As a tea name,it is Gongfu black tea,such as the Qimen Gongfu tea,Dianhong Gongfu tea,etc.Gongfu tea collectively refers to the bar black tea produced in China.The tea-brewing method can be Gongfu tea or Kungfu tea.

Q.Do all black tea have red leaves as raw material,red liquid and red dregs?

A:No.The tea produced in Darjeeling,India (black tea picked and produced in mid March to mid April),contains only a small quantity of tannin in the leaves and can hardly be fermented with the common black tea fermentation technique.Therefore,the leaves are green.

Q.What is withering?What is its purpose?

A:Withering is the process of making the brittle fresh tea leaves lose water.The purpose of the process is to partially vaporize the moisture in the leaves,lower the tensibility of the leaf cell,make the peduncle soft and add to the tenacity of the shoot and leaves for twisting and molding.In addition,the leaves experience internal chemical changes laying the foundation for forming different tea types.

Q.What is twisting?What is its purpose?

A:Twisting is the process of twisting the withered or sun-dried tea leaves under pressure to destroy the tea cells and extract the liquid while rolling the tea leaves into the desired shape.The purpose is to destroy the tea cell to facilitate the necessary oxidation under the function of enzymatic;the tea liquid that comes to the tea-leaf surface increases the flavor and color.Twisting also shapes the shoot and leaves.Twisting can be done by hands or feet,or twisters of different specifications

Q.What are the two important sensory indicators of black tea?

A:The golden ring and the turbidity after cooling.There should be a golden ring on the inner wall of the teacup;the thicker the golden ring and stronger the color,the better the tea.The turbidity after cooling refers to the fact that the tea liquid is clear when brewing in the hot water,but becomes turbid after cooling down and the turbidity disappears when the liquid is heated again.The turbidity after cooling is an indicator that the black tea liquid contains rich substances.

Q.What does fermentation mean?What is its purpose?

A:Fermentation refers to the process of further oxidation of the chemical components of the twisted tea leaves after being piled to a certain thickness in the designated fermentation tray.

Q.What is Minhong Gongfu Tea?

A:It refers to Gongfu tea produced in Zhenghe,Tanyang and Bailin of Fujian Province.

Q.What is C.T.C.tea?

A:C.T.C.stands for crushing,tearing and curling.It refers to the tea granule crushed,torn and curled with two rollers of different speed in the tea bar processing.The C.T.C.tea is normally made into tea bags,for instance Lipton black tea.In recent years,Yunnan also produces tea,in addition to the black tea granule.

Q.What are the characteristics of the black tea granule?

A:Concentration,intensity and freshness of the taste.

Q.Where is the extant oldest tea tree?How old is it?

A:The oldest tea tree is found in the wild tea community,Qianjiazhai,Zhenyuan county,Simao,Yunnan Province.It is estimated to be 2,700 years old,by far the oldest one found in the wild.

Q.What is tribute tea?

A:It is said that the tribute tea started in the tea production area of Sichuan,but became a system in the Tang Dynasty.The tribute tea was the high-quality tea offered to the emperor.In the beginning,the tea was offered by the local officials willingly.But when tea drinking became popular,the demand for the tea tribute increased.The court increased the tea tribute of the states and prefectures on the one hand,and set up the Tea Tribute Institution in Guzhushan(today's Changxing,Huzhou,Zhejiang)in 770 on the other to produce Zisun tribute tea.

Q.Is Tibet Tea the tea produced in Tibet?Does Tibet produce tea?What tea does it mainly produce?

A:Currently,Tibet Tea distributed in the market is a kind of dark tea,normally compressed.Tibet Tea refers to the tea mainly produced in Ya'an,Sichuan Province and sold to Tibet.Nyingchi,Yiong and Cona of the Tibet Autonomous Region also produce tea,but only a small quantity of green tea,and most of which are consumed locally.The famous tea is Zhufeng Shencha produced in Nyingchi.

Q.What is Longtuan Fengbing?

A:Longtuan Fengbing is a tea name from the Song Dynasty,also known as the Sliced Tea or Longfeng Tea because the tea cake carried the dragon and phoenix patterns after being compressed in molds.

Q.What kind of the basic green tea will be fumigated?Why?

A:The baked green tea is the basic green tea to be made into fumigated tea because it is fluffy and easily absorbs the flower fragrance.

Q.What tea is best in the hot summer?

A:Green tea is recommended in the summer because it is cold in property,can ease one's thirst,relieve the summer heat,detoxify,promote digestion and enhance gastrointestinal functions.In addition,the green tea liquid diminishes inflammation and sterilization.The brewed tea leaves can be used to soak feet to alleviate fatigue and remove odor.

Q.Is it healthy to drink tea immediately after meals?

A:If you drink tea immediately after meals,the tannic acid in the tea leaves will combine with the protein.It is better to drink one hour after the meal.

Q:Will the teeth become stained if you drink tea over a long time?

A:Those who are longtime tea drinkers,especially those favoring strong tea,will stain their teeth if they do not pay attention to the dental health.This is because the polyphenol oxides will stick to the tooth surface.Normally brushing teeth twice every day helps.On the contrary,drinking tea will help prevent decayed tooth and strengthen your teeth.

Q.Is the purple-clay product produced in Yixing only?

A:The purple-clay(also called boccaro pottery)is a kind of clay and only exists in Yixing.

Q.Can one take medicine with the tea liquid?

A:Normally it is not recommended to take medicine,including traditional Chinese medicine,with the tea liquid,especially medicine containing iron and aluminum because tea affects the absorption of the medicine.However,taking vitamin with the tea liquid will help absorption.

Q.Can one drink tea during the medication period?

A:Taking medicine does not conflict with drinking tea.But it is recommended not to drink tea two hours before and after medicine. Vitamins are not affected by tea.

Q.How old does the tea age(cha shou)refer to?

A:In China 108 years old is called the tea age because the Chinese character "Cha"(tea)can be interpreted into the numeral 108.

Q.What do the Two Wonders of the West Lake refer to?

A:Long Jing tea and Hupao Spring Water.Brewing Long Jing tea in the water from the Hupao Spring gives the best flavor.

Q.Where does the Long Jing tea gets its flat shape from?

A:The friction caused during the process of making Long Jing tea makes the tea flat.

Q.How many grades does the Long Jing tea have?

A:It is divided into six grades:Special Grade,Grade 1,Grade ll,Grade Ill,Grade IV and Grade V.

Q.How many times can the green tea be re-brewed in a cup?

A:When brewing green tea,the proportion between the tea and water is 1:50 Normally the taste fades after the second and third brewings,especially the top-grade green tea.

Q.What is the traditional tea-preservation method?

A:Traditionally,lime is used to preserve tea.The newly produced odorless quicklime,packed in clean and odorless paper or cotton cloth,should be placed at the bottom of the container.Place the well-packed tea in the container and seal.

Q.How many fresh tea leaves will be needed to produce 500g green tea?

A:Normally 2,000g fresh tea leaves can produce 500g dry green tea.

Q.Some tea,for instance Biluochun and Mengding

Ganlu,have too much white fuzz.Do they turn moldy?

A:Some tender tea leaves are often covered with white fuzz.It is an indicator of high quality of the tea,not being moldy.

Q.Should one drink tea on an empty stomach?

A:It is not good to drink tea,especially the strong one,on an empty stomach.The tea will cause stomach discomfort,sometimes nausea and dizziness or tea drunkenness.Eating candy or drinking hot water can alleviate the condition.

Q.How much tea is appropriate a day?

A:For a healthy adult,10g dry tea a day is appropriate.The quantity of tea consumption a day is related to the habit,age,physical condition and living environment.Those who do heavy physical exertion or work on the computer every day and heavy smokers may increase the tea intake appropriately.

Q.What is fixation?What is its purpose?

A:Fixation refers to the process of destroying enzyme activity of the fresh leaves under the high temperature to stop the enzymatic oxidation of the polyphenol.

Q.What is Se-enriched tea?

A. The Se-enriched tea refers to the tea with high selenium content.The body requires selenium.In Ziyang of Shaanxi,Fenggang county of Guizhou,Enshi of Hubei,the soil is rich in selenium.Therefore the tea produced there is named Se-enriched tea.Famous Se-enriched tea include Ziyang Maojian and Wuzi Xianhao from Shaanxi.

8. Freshly produced green tea is better. Is it better to drink newly made green tea?

A: Before and after the Qingming Festival, famous brands and high-quality green tea are available in the market. In tea-production areas, the green tea is delivered to the consumers on the same day the fresh leaves are picked. However, it is recommended not to drink too much, because of adverse repurcussions from excessive internal heat. Normally the quality of the tea leaves stablizes after a certain period. It is better to store the freshly made green tea for half a month before drinking.

Q. How to judge whether the water is good for brewing tea?

A: The mineral water that leaves no scales after repeated boiling is appropriate.

Q. How to prolong the service life of the electric kettle?

A: Do not heat without water, or with the water level too high. Clean the overflowed water and scaling timely.

Q: Can you brew different kinds of tea in the same pot as long as the pot is appropriate for the tea property?

A: No. The porcelain pot or glass pot can brew different kinds of tea, but each time the teapot should be cleaned. The purple-clay pot is normally used for brewing one kind of tea as it absorbs the flavor of the tea after repeated brewings. Using the purple-clay pot for brewing different kinds of tea will affect the flavor and purity of the taste of the tea. Moreover,the teapot will be more or less spoiled. One purply-clay pot is better for one type of tea only. 

Q.What are the features of the purple-clay pot? 

A. The purple-clay pot preserves the natural taste of the tea. A well-nurtured pot can absorb the flavor of tea and give out the tea flavor even without tea. It is highly heat resistant and can withstand slow fire. As it conducts heat slowly, it will not scald the hand while picking it.The different-colored purple-clay pottery has good plasticity. It will not become stale, but exquisite and sleek, and durable. Like antique, pottery made by a famous maker has collection value.

Q. What is Yanyun of Yancha?

A: Yanyun refers to the unique charm of Wuyi Yancha.Yancha is separated from the others by Yanyun.Whether the tea has Yanyun and whether the Yanyun is excellent are the indicators of the quality of Wuyi Yancha. Yanyun is the flavor of flowers in the rock valley,exclusively owned by the authentic Wuyi Yancha.This essence is the combined effect of the local ecological environment, tea tree variety, planting and management and leaf picking and tea-making process.

Q.What is "air-conditioned"tea?

A: When producing tea, modern air-conditioning equipment is introduced in the traditional process to control the temperature and humidity of the workshop to increase the quality of the summer tea.The Tieguanyin summer tea in the market is made under air-conditioned environment. The tea is green and has immature taste, inferior to the spring, autumn, and winter teas in terms of the quality.

Q. What does sun-baked fixation mean?

A: Sun-baked fixation refers to withering of the newly picked fresh tea leaves under the sun. The sun-baking time and thickness of the tea leaf piles vary in different seasons for different kinds of tea leaves and intensity of the sunlight.

Q. Does Dancong mean a tea tree?

A: Dancong refers to the tea trees with different flavors. The tea leaves are picked up and processed separately according to their flavors. This term does not refer to a unique tea tree.

Q. How old a tree can be named "ancient tea tree"?

A: Normally, a 100-year or above tree is called an ancient tea tree. According to some, only tea trees older than 360 years can be called ancient.

Q. What is mellow flavor?

A: The mellow flavor refers to the unique flavor separating Pu-erh tea from the others. The mellow flavor is not the moldy flavor, but the flavor generated in the process of fermentation. There a number of flavors, such as flavor of orchids,Chinese date, camphor tree, lotus and honey and the other flowers and fruits. The Pu-erh tea's orchid flavor is regarded the best.

Q . Does Qianliangchaweigh100jin (50ka) ?

A:Qian liang cha,also know nasHua juan tea,was made by businessmen of Shanxi on the lines of Bali ang tea by chone in a good raw material,packed and bundled with palm leaves Tho column is 166.5cm long with the perimeter 56cmlona. It weighs 32.27kg.

Q . There are codes such as“7572”and“7573”on Pu-erh tea packages. What does it mean?

A:The code is the tea number,or marking. The top right number indicates the code of the tea plant.1 refers to Kunming Tea Plant 2 refers to Menghai Tea Plant,3XiaguanTea Plant,4 common tea plant. The two numbers on the top left indicate the year of manufacture,the number in the middle refers to the grade of the raw material.7572 means the Grade 7 Pu-erh tea produced by Men ghai Tea Plant and the tea was developed in 1975. The tea code does not indicate the storage time of the tea,but the quality.

Q . Is it better to store pressed tea or looseleaf tea?

A:Normally,for home storage the compressed Pu-erh tea is chosen because it is smaller in volume and easier to store. And,compared with looseleaf tea,the pressed tea wil not deteriorate easily.

Q . Is Pu-erh tea the older the better?

A:Normally for tea the fresher,the better,especially the green tea. But Pu-erh tea ages better. Each kind of tea has an optimum storage life. When the collected Pu-erh tea reaches it speak,you should enjoy it. If it is stored continuously,the quality wil decrease.

However,if you collect it as a cultural relic,the longer the better.

Q.Is artificially fermented Pu-erh tea damp stored tea? 

A: The artificially fermented Pu- erh tea is made according to the traditional Pu-erh tea process using a scientific formula of adjusting the water,humidity and air (pile fermentation process). It is different from damp stored tea.

Q.How to differentiate damp stored tea simply? 

A: Damp stored tea looks like the mellow tea,but has an obvious moldy flavor,the liquid in dark red and muddy. It tastes moldy,acidic and bitter. The tea leaves do not unfurl fully.To differentiate it,you can brew the tea for a longer time in boiling water and check the taste.

Q.Do all Pu-erh tea have collection value?

A: No.Usually,the raw Pu-erh tea has better collection value and potential.With years of storage under the appropriate condition, the raw Pu-erh tea will ferment naturally and thne quality will grow better. The ripened tea,or the artificially fermented Pu-erh tea, has fermented in the making process and completed the aging process.There is little value for the long time collection.

Q. Can the raw tea be drunk directly?

A: Certainly the raw tea can be drunk directly. But the raw tea with a short time of storage is stronger and has an astringent taste. It is recommended to buy the pressed spring tea picked up in the same year. lt is soft without bitterness or the astringent taste,and has a lasting aftertaste and strong flavor.

Q. Is the stronger and darker Pu-erh tea liquid the better?

A: Good-quality Pu-erh tea has clear, red and strong tea liquid.

If the tea liquid is too dark and the transparency is bad, then the quality is inferior.

Q. Why should we use the Pu-erh cutter to loosen the pressed Pu-erh tea?

A: Pu-erh tea is compressed layer by layer. Using the Pu-erh cutter to loosen the tea from one side reduces crumbling.

Q. Why do some jasmine tea smell of orchid?

A: When the jasmine tea is fumigated, white orchids are used to increase the flavor concentration of the jasmine tea. The quantity of orchid flower should be small. It the quantity is large, the tea will have the flavor of orchid. Sometimes you may find an orchid petal in the dry jasmine tea.

Q. Is the scented tea better with more dried flower petals?

A: No. High-quality jasmine tea normally has a small amount of flowers. When processing the sweet osmanthus tea, the flowers are not picked out. Some scented tea have a large amount of flowers, known as Banhuacha (tea mixed with flowers). Sometimes dried flower are added to the tea as per the requiremnents of the consumers. High-quality scented tea has a lasting, fresh and strong flavor of the flower, and tastes excellent.

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