Classical style Chinese tea set

Traditional Chinese aesthetics pay attention to symmetry, using the symmetrical pattern of Chinese elements as the appearance, and then placing the same furniture and decorations in a symmetrical way, you can create a pure oriental atmosphere, and enhance the historical feeling and ancient temperament of the room. Chinese calligraphy and painting, ceramics, tea sets, Chinese knots, Peking opera masks, palace lanterns, folding fans, lanterns and so on are the embodiment of Chinese style elements.

The colours of Chinese classical style can be representative of Chinese red and blue and blue, and the room should not be decorated with too many colours, so as not to break the pursuit of clean and elegant Chinese domestic life. The tone should not be bright, should be calm grey tone. With a large number of plants to show the green nature style, such as spider plants, large potted plants, etc.

Traditional Chinese tea sets are suitable for different colour environments. The overall colour of the dim environment, you can choose blue and white porcelain, colour porcelain to liven up the atmosphere. The environment full of Zen artistic concept can choose celadon tea set and white porcelain tea set. In the environment with more calligraphy and painting, you can choose elegant purple clay tea sets. In the black, white and grey environment, you can also choose lacquer. In almost all Chinese environments, porcelain, pottery and glass tea sets can be well integrated into the environment, while playing a lively atmosphere and adding cultural significance.

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