Blue and white porcelain and elegant, elegant, persistent green tea style

What is the best partner for green tea, the straight glass? Then you must have been influenced by the film Green Tea. Against a deep and artistic background, the green tea floating in the glass is full of life and looks beautiful. However, friends who love to drink green tea might not choose such a combination. Because the glass tea set is not elegant enough, not persistent enough.

The beauty of green tea is noble and exceptional. In today's noisy society, some people dare to pursue the beauty of green tea, they live elegantly, live elegantly, like green tea. They are like green tea, at the beginning of contact with them, there will be a dull feeling, not so intimate, but after long-term contact, you will unconsciously produce admiration. The taste of green tea is very attractive!

Therefore, the time-honoured blue and white porcelain tea set is most suitable for green tea. Firstly, the colour of green tea will show a variety of nuances against the white porcelain, and the change of attitude of the tea is easier to observe. Secondly, green tea tastes light but has a lonely feeling. Blue and white porcelain with green tea, can increase some colour, so that green tea has a strong vitality. Third, people have a long history of drinking green tea, blue and white porcelain has profound historical and cultural significance, the pattern is exquisite, is a rare art appreciation, drink with blue and white porcelain tea set, increase the historical connotation.

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