Four Chinese famous Ming Cong Tea

1.Dahongpao tea

Dahongpao tea

2.Tie luo han (Iron Arhat)

Mingcong of Wuyi Yancha was originally produced in the Ghost Cave of Hui vu an van,Mount Wuyi. Tie luo han tea plants grow in a narrow place between cliffs nourished by brooks.

In recent years, a small quantity of Tie luo han tea plants are being cultivated and marketed.

It is said that this tea was discovered and made by an arhat (monk).Thus, it is named Tie luo han (Iron Arhat).

3.Baiji guan (White Cockscomb) 

It was originally produced in the Ghost Cave of Huo yan Peak,Hui yu anY an.The matured leaves are darkgreen and lustrous. The tender leaves are thin, soft and white and are called Baj i guan (White cockscomb) .

4.Shui jingu i (Golden Water Turtle)

Originally grew in the Temple of Banyan under Dug e zhai Peak of Tian x in yan. They were carried to Languyan of Niulankeng by flood. The precious tea tree appeared just like a golden turtle emerged from the water. The monks in the Leis hi Temple named it Shui jingui. Because or the fight between the two temples, the tea plant is also called Guansicha (Lawsuit tea) .

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