The glass tea set is casual and clear in the jasmine style

Although many people in this world think that jasmine smoked green tea is not pure, not dainty. But there is another kind of people who advocate casual feeling. In the warm and pleasant winter afternoon, we watched the sun shine gently and quietly on the windowsill, in the clear glass, in the pure and bright water, the small white flowers blossomed gently and freely, turning in circles, rolling or floating in the water, or sinking to the bottom of the cup, pale yellow, soft white, clearly visible on the petals of the silk lines.

glass tea set

We look at the world through the glass, everything is delicate and transparent, everything is full of vitality, there is no grey, there is no regret.

Light jasmine fragrance, mixed with the scent of green tea, gently diffused, a cup of blooming jasmine, brings spring in winter, brings a relaxed and public self. Gently drink a mouthful, the fragrant and soft tea flavour is full of mouth, making people relaxed. The jasmine tea party seems to let you see the sunny fields, the grassy fields full of blooming jasmine, the road stretching into the distance, and the smell of the fragrance mixed with the earth and grass.

For people with a free temperament and natural nature, tea has life, how can they let go to appreciate the most beautiful rebirth of life? Therefore, jasmine tea and glassware are the most suitable match.

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