Famous Blue Tea of Guangdong,Fenghuang Dancong

It was first created in the Ming Dynasty and produced in Fenghuang Town and Fenghuang Mountain. This tea was cultivated and reproduced from selected high-quality Fenghuang.

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Shuixian. So,it was named Fenghuang Dancong.According to fragrance, it is classified into yellow branch, cinnamon, osmanthus,jasmine, orchid, almond, honey orchid, pomelo,yulan,yellow cape jasmine and everest types. The tea is of high quality,good shape,jade green color,dense fragrance and sweet taste. The liquid has a natural and lingering flowery fragrance and is bright and mellow.The brewed leaves are green with red edges. It can endure many brewings.

The tea brewed a day ago still smells sweet.


Fenghuang Shuixian,also called Shizhao tea,is one of the important Guangdong blue teas and made from fresh leaves of the Shuixian.. Guangdong blue tea is graded into Dancong,Langcai and Shuixian,of which Fenghuang Dancong is the best.

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