Learn tea art, know courtesy

Tea art is a kind of elegant art, learning tea art has a lot of beneficial benefits.With tea, tea is the most important is to pay attention to the surroundingenvironment elegant quiet, so often in this elegant and quiet environment willhave a kind of find the scenery pleasing to both the feeling, as time passesnaturally improve their self-cultivation and quality, and also can change the pastimpetuous mentality, thus tend to inner peace and quiet, will be in contactwith people to make no impression.

There are 12 procedures on the tea making, it may be said that it is tedious, butmore important or brewing details, in the selection of tea sets, the style ofthe environment, how much tea, water temperature, brewing time length of thecontrol, these links should be carefully controlled, careful operation.

Saydetail decides success or failure, the habit that nurturees attention to detailin the process of learning tea art, quite big to processing business profitlater.

People have character, tea has tea virtue.

"Usetea to benefit benevolence", "use tea to show respect","use tea to be a way of life", "use tea to be elegant" andso on.

Gongwei believes that tea tasting "needs a person and a tea", and su shisays "good tea always looks like a beautiful person".

Itmay be said that tea is tea, and the drinker is me and you, but tea isdifferent from tea.

I for who?Who is tea for?

There is an idiom known as the book to the ceremony, the Chinese culture has a longhistory, among which the etiquette is the thing people pay special attentionto.5000years has not changed, so in the process of interaction with people inparticular need of mutual courtesy;Teaalso has tea ceremony, so long-term tea drinkers will also develop a goodetiquette habits, in the future will be able to be a notch above others indoing things.

Tea more people, in the process of tea is the tea process, generally does notdirectly evaluate the stand or fall of tea, but from objectively tell hischaracteristic, which, like communication with people in society, never tocomment on the shortcomings of others, also not easily to other people'sbehavior or result to conclusions, establish the harmony between people.

Life is like tea, always want to pass boiling water infuse bubble, abilityprecipitation comes down, send out a tea sweet, just as life is in theexperience of years after, learn to experience life, develop a kind of calmwith certainty, the heart is serene state of mind.

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