Tea Producing Areas in the South of the Yangtze River in China

South of the Yangtze River,boasting the longest history and most varieties of China's famous tea,is the most appropriate place for shrubs and small-sized arbor tea plants,producing green tea,black tea and Oolong tea,across Zhejiang,Hunan,Hubei,Jiangxi,south of Jiangsu,south of Anhui,north of Fujian and Shanghai and other areas in the south of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River.

Famous tea

Long Jing tea and Anji White Tea from Zhejiang,Junshan Yinzhen and Gaoqiao Yinfeng from Hunan,E'nan Jianchun from Hubei,Lushan Yunwu and Wuyuan Mingmei from Jiangxi,Bi Luo Chun and Nanjing Yuhua tea from Jiangsu,Huangshan Maofeng and Taiping Houkui from Anhui,Wuyi Yancha,Zhengshan Lapsang black tea and Baihao Yinzhen from Fujian,etc.

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