Tea Ceremony Requires Good Tea Sets

According to the famous writer Zhou Zuoren,“Tea ceremony,simply speaking,is snatching a moment of leisure from our busy schedules,seeking delight and experiencing its permanence for a moment in the harsh realities of life."These words still hold good in the modern society today.

The beauty and harmony of the tea ceremony,the momentary permanence,brewing tea and sipping tea are enough to arouse eagerness in most people.

Brewing tea requires tea leaves,water and a tea set.Ancient people,closer to nature than the modern drinkers,brewed tea in rainwater,snow water,spring or well water.However,modern drinkers have many more choices in tea and tea sets in comparison with their ancestors.

Singling out tea and tea set from a number of varieties to brew a pot of the perfect tea and sipping it leisurely brings peace and happiness!

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