What is Chinese Biluochun Tea?

Biluochun was known as“Fearful Fragrance”and is a type of roasted fixed green tea. Emperor Kangxi of Qing Dynasty renamed it Biluochun. Originating from Dongting Hill (East Hil West Hillin Wuxian County, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province it is also called Dongting Biluochun and noted for its “shape, gorgeous color, strong fragrance and mellow flavor.”

Biluochun tea

It has a spiral shape covered with white fuzz. With a strong natural fruit fragrance, it hasa sweet and lingering taste.


  • Processing 500g top-quality Biluochun requires 60000-70000 tea buds.

  • In areas producing Biluochun,tea plants and fruit trees are inter cropped.

  • Biluochun tea leaves are plucked early and sorted clean while they are stl tender. Biluochun uses the top-brewing method with the water temperature at about 75°.

  • Making balls is key in the Biluochun processing for the“compact spiral shape with fuzzy-white green leaves.”

  • Transparent glass without patterns is preferred for brewing Biluochun in order to view the dance of leaves. Porcelain cups though good do not permit this.

  • Currently, many provinces produce Bi Lio Chun, such as Jiangsu, Guizhou, Jiangxi, Sichuan and Fujian. The quality of products is similar to Donging Biluochun in apearance. But the fragrance and flavor are quite diferent. Some counterteltea producers add chlorophyl and loquat fuzzes when processing Biluochun. Study the color and fragrance to identify authentic Biluochun.

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