What are the Traditional Rituals in the Tea Ceremony?

Tea culture began in the Jin Dynasty and flourished in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. Since then, it has been greatly sought after by scholars and scholars, and the wind of the tea ceremony has prevailed. In the long history of tea, there are also some techniques and allusions about tea making.

The operation steps of the Phoenix three nod

The operation steps of the Phoenix three nod are very exquisite, not only the posture is elegant, but also for the need of making tea itself. Need to lift the kettle, let the water straight down, then with the strength of the wrist, up and down to pull and then inject water, repeated three times, let the tea in the water. This brewing technique, elegant call phoenix three nod.

It is the embodiment of Chinese traditional etiquette. The three-point head is to bow to the guest, to show respect to the guest, and also to show respect to the tea.

Guan Gong tour of the city

Guan Gong tour of the city is popular in Chaoshan area and southern Fujian area of Gongfu tea tea technology of tea art terminology. A city patrol is the work of a military commander inspecting the fortifications, equipment and combat effectiveness of troops in a city.

Guan Gong's tour of the city refers to the circular pouring of tea, teapots like Guan Yu patrol the city. This purpose is to make the tea in the cup of consistency, and low pour is not to make too much loss of aroma. In the preparation of kungfu tea, four teacups are placed close together and the teapot is used to pour the tea water in circles around the four small cups. This movement is a traveling movement to distribute the quantity and fragrance of the tea evenly among the four cups so as to avoid favoring one over the other. This action is like Guan Gong patrolling the city, everywhere with the same. Therefore, it is very vivid to apply Guan Gong's tour of the city to the process of making tea.

Han Xin Point the soldiers

"Han Xin Point the soldiers" is the operation step after the "Guan Gong's tour of the city" in the Kung Fu tea ceremony. It is an artistic operation form of putting the last few drops of tea soup in the pot into several small cups with a gentle artistic gesture. Here "point" is the key, emphasis on the heart. Point is a bit of essence, its intention is that the host will be the essence of tea to the guest. Why is it the essence of tea soup? There is a common "wine head tea tail" said, "wine head" refers to the first outflow of the best wine steamed wine. "Tea tail" refers to the last pour out of the tea pot for the best tea soup.

It is a traditional Chinese culture and virtue to respect others with tea and offer the best tea to the guests. Here we not only make the best tea, but also offer the best tea soup to the guests, which shows the host's dedication to the guests. 

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