What is Wuyi Yancha?Famous Northern Fujian Blue Tea

Wuyi Yancha is mostly named after the tea plants, for instances,blue tea made from Shuixian tea plant is called Wuyi Shuixian and made of Rougui called Wuyi Rougui.These are the dominant types of Mount Wuyi.Tea made from leaves of high-quality tea plants is called Dancong. High-quality Dancong is called Mingcong.Four Mingcong from northern Fujian blue tea were selected as the most Famous Bushes in the Guangxu Period of Qing Dynasty, namely,Dahongpao, Tieluohan,Shuijingui and Baijiguan.

chinese wuyi yancha tea


Blue tea produced in Mount Wuyi is called Wuyi Yancha. The 60-sq.km.- region around Mount Wuyi,including 36 peaks and 99 rocks (yan),produce tea. Yancha is further classified into authentic Yancha,semi Yancha and Zhoucha.Authentic Yancha (best quality) refers to the blue tea produced in Huiyuanyan,Niulankeng and Dakengkou. Semi Yancha is also called small Yancha.Zhoucha's quality is inferior to semi Yancha.

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