What are the Famous Chinese Yellow Teas?

There are several well-known yellow teas recognized in China。

Huangyacha tea

Huangcha processed with strong buds,are further classified as Yinzhen(silver needle) and Huangya (yellow bud). The most famous Yinzhen is Junshan Yinzhen,produced in Junshan Island,Yueyang,Hunan.lt is a rare yellow tea with a low yield. Huangya is classified as Mengding Huangya produced in Mengding, Mengshan Mountain,Mingshan County,Sichuan,Mogan Huangya produced in Mogan Mountain, Deqing County,Zhejiang and Huoshan Huangya produced in Huoshan County,Anhui.

Junshan Yinzhen

Produced in Junshan Island,Yueyang,Hunan,Junshan Yinzhen has strong and straight golden-colored buds covered with fuzz. The tea leaves stand erect in the water after brewing. The tea liquid is yellow and bright,with a fresh and strong fragrance. It tastes sweet and mellow.

Huoshan Huangya

Produced in Dabie Mountain, Huoshan County, Anhui, they looks like sparrow tongues. The buds and leaves are light yellow with tender fuzz The liquid is bright green and fresh, the taste mellow and sweet. Thed brewed leaves are bright yellow and even.

Mengding Huangya

Produced in Mengshan, Mingshan County, Sichuan, it is fat and yellow The tea liquid is yellow and tastes sweet and mellow.The brewed leaves are light yellow and even.

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