Chinese Metal Tea Ware

Metal tea ware can be of gold, silver,copper, tin and stainless steel.Metal tea ware are corrosion resistant. In ancient times, gold and silver tea ware symbolized affluence. A large quantity of gold and silver tea ware were unearthed in 1987 in the underground palace of Famensi,Fufeng county, Shaanxi.

metal tea set

These included tea grinds, Chaze and tea powder cases,etc. Today, metal tea ware is commonly used and includes airtight tin tea canister of different shapes and copper water kettles for boiling water.

Cloisonné enamnel tea ware first started during the Jingtai period of the Ming Dynasty. Mostly tureen and teapot,the cloisonné enamel tea ware is exquisite, luxurious and elegant. Stainless steel tea ware includes the water boiler,tea strainer and disinfection pot.These tools are bright and clean and airtight,and are good conductors of heat. Normally equipped with manual and auto control functions, they make great traveling cups, but are not good for brewing tea.

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