Sun-Withered Fixed Green Tea

Sun-withered fixed green tea refers to the green tea directly sun-dried during the rough processing. Drying in the sun is the most ancient tea-drying method used in Yunnan, Shaanxi and Sichuan-their tea products called Dianqing, Shanqing and Chuanqing, respectively. Sun-withered fixed green tea is seldom sold or consumed as commodity tea and is mostly compressed tea, including Pu-erh cake tea, Tuocha and Kangzhuan brick tea.

 It is characterized by the sun-dried flavor in the tea.Today, new varieties of green tea processed through new technologies are constantly launched in the market. Some tea are dried through the combination of roasting and baking, such as Wuzi Xianhao of Shaanxi,Kaihua Longding of Zhejiang. This tea is unbroken and has the rich fragrance of roasted fixed green tea.

Green tea, as a kind of non- fermentation tea,normally uses tender leaves and follows the processes of fixing,twisting and drying.Bamboo-made tea baskets hold the plucked tea leaves.Detailed processes vary as do the shapes. Currently,top-quality green tea are mostly manually processed, though some middle- and top- quality tea are mechanically or semni-mechanically processed.

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