How to Brew and Appreciate Green Tea

Most green tea is made from tender leaves. The leaves are worthy of appreciation after absorption. Transparent glass without patterns is preferred for brewing to enjoy the dance of leaves.Apart from the visual enjoyment,porcelain cups are better for brewing green tea. Brewing green tea,especially high-grade products,require strict water temperature range (75-85°).Low-temperature water will not activate the fragrance of green tea and too hot water will thicken and darken the soup. thereby"destroying the tea with heat."

Normally,the proportion of tea to water is 1:50 for brewing in glass and flexible for different tea quality to cater to different tastes.Tea dipping methods are also important for green tea. Application of top-, middle- or bottom-dipping methods or different cups will have different tastes and fragrance for the same tea. Refer to the Tips on pages 36-49 for green tea brewing skills.

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