Classic Chinese Style with Tea Set

Traditional Chinese aesthetics pay attention to symmetry, with the integration of Chinese elements of the symmetrical pattern to decorate, and then the same furniture, jewellery placed in a symmetrical way, can create a pure oriental mood, add a sense of history and literary temperament to the room. Chinese calligraphy and painting, ceramic tea sets, Chinese knots, Peking Opera masks, palace lanterns, the four treasures of the study and so on are the embodiment of Chinese style elements.

Chinese classical home style jewelry colour can be used representative Chinese red and blue and white blue, the room should not be decorated with too much colour, so as not to break the elegant Chinese home life pursuit. The tone should not be bright, should be calm grey tone. Replace green with lots of plants, such as spider plants, large potted plants, etc.

With the Chinese style decoration, the traditional Chinese tea set has a lot of room to play. The overall dark tone of the environment, you can choose blue and white porcelain, colour porcelain to liven up the atmosphere. Zen full of environment, you can choose celadon tea set, white porcelain tea set. In the environment with more calligraphy and painting, you can choose the simple and elegant purple clay tea set. In the black, white and grey environment, you can also choose lacquer. In almost all Chinese environments, porcelain, pottery and glass tea sets can be well integrated into the environment, while playing a lively atmosphere and adding charm.

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