What kind of tea set is suitable for green tea?

When it comes to summer, green tea is undoubtedly the most popular tea among tea lovers. When it comes to making tea, you need to understand the tea set. Which tea set is suitable for making green tea?

1. White ceramic covered bowl 

The teapot can be said to be a tea set suitable for all kinds of tea, and there is no tea that cannot be brewed with a teapot. The mouth of the covered bowl is generally large, which is very convenient for everyone to smell the aroma of green tea. When brewing green tea, it is best to choose a white ceramic bowl. Green tea is a very ornamental tea, green tea soup and white tea cups will produce a unique comparison, which is more conducive to everyone to observe the appearance and tone of the colour of the soup, but also beneficial to feel the essence of green tea.

2. Glass

When brewing green tea, the choice of glass is also particularly appropriate. Because the glass is transparent, you can see the tea leaves stretching inside the glass. Many people say that brewing green tea is a visual feast. For tea lovers, it is a pleasure to watch the transformation of tea in boiling water. And glasses are cheap.

3. Purple clay pot

Do you think the purple clay pot is only for brewing Pu 'er tea? The purple clay pot is a breathable equipment, which is very suitable for brewing green tea, and the tea stored in the purple clay pot has a long time, which can fully preserve the taste and aroma of green tea. However, the purple clay pot is not suitable for brewing delicate green tea.

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