Chinese Fruit Tea

Fresh fruit or dry fruit can be made into a drink after being boiled separately or together. Made with fresh fruit or dry and refined natural fruit, the fruit tea has a sweet flavor with the slightly acidic andstrong fragrance of the fruit and flower.It can be made with boiled wvater or ice cube. This kind of tea strengthens the digestive functions. It is better to drink after a meal.

There are all kinds of fruit teas of different quality and origin, such as the Flavor of Europe, Blue Danube, Swimming Beauty and Elegant Girl.It is recommended to select the dry fruit tea with natural and fresh flavor.The liquid of the high-quality fruit tea must have a good transparency. The fruit tea should be stored in the refrigerator after sealing tightly.You can make the fruit tea yourself.

Prepare fresh fruit, such as a pear or apple or dry fruit, such as the Chinese date, longan, medlar and chrysanthemum and a black tea bag.Wash the fresh fruit and dice them, and wash the Chinese date, longan, medlar and chrysanthemum. Add the raw materials into a glass pot o stainless steel pot of boiling water and boil for 3-5 minutes on slow fire and eat the raw material.

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