Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is made from herbal medicines to help to cure diseases.

Some compound herbal tea may contain animal organs or minerals. Today, herbal tea is widely used as remedies-the cooling herbal tea, weight-losing tea, stomach-strengthening tea and the blood pressuring-lowering tea. Herbal tea is made into tea bags and canned tea drinks, easy to carry and drink.

You must be prudent while choosing herbal tea. Consult a doctor as soon as any discomfort arises. The common herbal tea materials include medlar, cinnamon, Juemingzi, licorice, Sterculia lychnophora, Motherwort, Ginkgo biloba, American ginseng and ginger slice.

Medlar tea

The medlar tastes sweet, has mild properties, and is a traditional Chinese medicine. It helps nourish the blood, fortify the kidney, stimulate the appetite and enhance immunity. It can be used for making wine or dishes.

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