Shuixian Tea Cake

It is also called "tea in paper."

Originally produced in Shuangyang Town, Zhangping, it later expanded orytea to other areas of Zhangping. Fresh Shuixian tea leaves are plucked and compressed into a flat square cake tea with wooden molds. The process is that of Minbei Shuixian. The dry tea is black, and the liquid is dark brown and mellow. The brewed leaves are vellow and red-edged.


Shuixian, growing in the Zhuxiantao Cave of Jian'ou and Jianyang, was originally called Zhuxian. Zhu and Shui are phonetically the same and as the fragrance is like Shuixian (daffodil), it is called Shuixian. With its green and twisted veins Shuixian looks like a frog skin. The tea has an orchid fragrance, bright yellow liquid, mellow flavor and the brewed leaves are red-edged.

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