Chinese Yellow Tea

Yellow tea is a specialty of China.According to the size of fresh leaves and old tender buds, it can be divided into yellow bud tea, yellow tea and yellow tea.Yellow bud tea mainly includes Junshan Silver Needle, Mengding Yellow Yard, Huoshan Yellow Yard and Yuan 'an Yellow Tea.Such as Weishan Maojian, Pingyang yellow soup, Ya 'an yellow tea are yellow tea.After the storage of water in the Three Gorges Reservoir area, the Zigui Mountain area is shrouded by fog all year round, forming the unique Zigui yellow tea, which also belongs to the yellow tea.

Huangda tea is cultivated in Jinzhai, Huoshan, Yingshan, Hubei and Dayeqing in Guangdong.The quality of yellow tea is characterized by "yellow leaf yellow soup".Hunan Yueyang is the hometown of yellow tea in China.

Yellow tea belongs to light fermentation tea, and its processing technology is similar to that of green tea. Only before or after the drying process, a "dull yellow" technology is added to promote the partial oxidation of polyphenols, chlorophyll and other substances.Its processing method is similar to green tea, its production process is: fresh leaves defoliation rolling - stuffy yellow, dry.Yellow tea editing, rolling and drying process are similar to green tea process, the most important working procedure is frowsty huang, it is the key to the forming characteristics of yellow tea, is the main approach to overcome and tea with a paper bag, and after rolling or piled up with wet cloth cover, time for a few minutes or several hours, make tea billet heat in the water under the action of non enzymatic oxidation automatically, form yellow.

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