Chinese White Tea

White tea is a slightly fermented tea, which is a traditional famous tea created by Chinese tea farmers.One of the six major teas in China.Refers to a kind of tea after picking, not after curing or rolling, only through the sun or gentle fire drying after processing.It has the characteristics of complete bud shape, full body, fresh fragrance, clear yellow and green color, light taste and sweet quality.

White tea is a special treasure of Chinese tea.Because its tea is mostly bud head, covered with Baikoe, such as silver like snow so named.The main production areas are in Fujian Fuding, Zhenghe, Wuhan Xinzhou Old Street, Jiaocheng Tianshan, Songxi, Jianyang, Yunnan Jinggu and other places.The basic processes include withering, baking (or drying in the shade), picking and refiring, etc.The process of Yunnan white tea is mainly sun-drying, and the advantage of sun-drying is that the taste of the tea leaves keeps the original fragrance.Wisting is a key process to form the quality of white tea.

The main varieties of white tea are as follows: first day bud, Tianshan white, Baihao silver needle, white peony, and Shoumei (Gongmei) due to different varieties of tea trees and raw materials (fresh leaves).

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