Chinese Famous Tea-Baihao Yinzhen

It is also called Yinzhen Baihao and made of fleshy buds. The tea iswhite and covered with white fuzz. In addition to the light fragrance ard fresh taste, the tea liquid is a light yellow color and the brewed leaves are stight Yinzhen produced in Fuding is called North Yinzhen and the one in Zhenghe is called South Yinzhen. There are two ways of making BaihaYinzhen.

Baihao Yinzhen tea

One way is to peel followed by drying. Pick the tea leaves withone or two leaves in a bud. Keep the strong core leaves for making Yinzheanduse the rest for making Shoumei. The other way is to dry before peeling. Air the leaves till 80-90% dry. Peel away the other leaves and keep the core for baking dry over slow fire .

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