Chinese Famous Tea-Wuyuan Mingmei

Bar-shaped green tea Wuyuan Mingmei is produced in Wuyuan County called “the most beautiful village in China."Wuyuan lies at the border of Jiangxi and Anhui.In March 2005,the local government registered the trademark Wuyuan Green Tea.Wuyuan Mingmei is semi-baked and roasted green tea processed through fixing,twisting, baking,roasting and re-baking.It is slender and curly like eyebrows and covered with white tastes fresh and mellow with an orchid fragrance. The tea liquid is light green.


The middle-brewing method is used to brew Wuyuan Mingmei. When pouring water,the leaves loo like flying plum blossoms.The 2nd brew has the best fragrance and taste which lingers after many brews.

Wuyuan Green Tea has a strong fragrance,mellow taste,clear liquid and green leaves. In ancient times, most tea produced in Wuyuan were exported.

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