Famous Tea Set for Famous Tea

If water is the mother of tea, the utensil (tea set) should be the father of the tea.

Tea set is an important carrier of the tea culture. In ancient China, tea set referred to various utensils used in tea making and drinking. Now, it specifically refers to the utensils related to tea brewing. Based on the materials, tea set can be devided into ceramic tea set, porcelain tea set, metallic tea set, lacquerware tea set, bamboo teaset, and glass tea set.

Ceramic Tea Set

Made of pottery clay, ceramic tea set was one of the earliest tea sets made and used by human. At first, the coarse pottery was used. Later, the more solid hard pottery took the place. Then, the glazed pottery and purple sand pottery prevailed.

Porcelain Tea Set

Porcelain tea set is made of porcelain clay (mainly Kaolin). It was invented and used after ceramic tea set.

Metallic Tea Set

Metallic tea set is made of metallic materials such as gold, silver, copper, iron, and tin. Thank to it is still by people for storing bulk tea because of its satisfactory sealing ability and good performance in preventing dampnrss and avoiding light.

Lacquer Tea Set

Lacquer tea set is made with natural lacquer tree sap added with the desired pigment.

Bamboo-Wood Tea Set

Bamboo-Wood tea set is made of natural bamboo. It had a long history in China and first appeared before the Sui Dynasty. At that time, besides the ceramic and porcelain utensils, most folk tea sets were made of bamboo-wood.

White porcelain tea set is suitable for brewing Biluochun (Green Spiral Spring).

The purple sand teapot is suitable for brewing Phoenix Dancong (Single Clump).

White porcelain tea set is suitable for brewing the Keemun Black Tea.

Ceramic tea set is suitable for brewing the Pu'er Tea.

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