How to Roast and Fix Green Tea

Roasted fixed green tea boasts the highest output of all kinds of green tea in China. Tang Dynasty's poet Liu Yuxi wrote about it in his poem Tea Tasting.

chinese green tea

 It is the earliest record on roasted fixed green tea, indicative of this process in the Tang Dynasty.Ming's first Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang issued a decree to "stop producing dragon dumplings tea including Hangzhou Long Jing and phoenix cakes,and pluck tea Tea and Anhui Guapian Tea. buds as tributes..."resulting in the Roasted fixed green tea popularity of bulk tea.The green tea deactivates the enzyme through processing technology also evolved roasting in pots in the rough from steamed fixation to roasted processing and is dried through fixation,showcasing various famous manual roasting in pots or a mechanical roaster or dryer in the drying process.

Different manual or mechanical forces result in various shapes of tea leaves classified as long,round and tender roasted fixed tea.

Roasted fixed green tea processed from tender fresh leaves has a unique and beautiful shape,jade green color,fresh and lingering fragrance,bright green soup and even essense leftover.

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