What are the Commonly Used Chinese Tea Sets?

There are many kinds of tea sets in our country, beautiful in shape, practical value, and rich in artistic beauty. Therefore, it is well-known at home and abroad and is favored by tea lovers in the past generations. In the history of the development of tea drinking in China, both tea drinking customs and tea processing have undergone many changes.

chinese tea set

Tea Cylinder: A tea vessel containing tea art supplies.

Teaspoon: Also known as "tea grill", it is shaped like a spoon, so it is called a teaspoon. Its main purpose is to dig out the tea that has been brewed, and the tea in the pot. After the tea is brewed, it tends to be tightly filled with the teapot. The mouth is not big, and it is inconvenient and hygienic to dig out the tea by hand, so teaspoon is used.

Tea drain: The tea drain is placed on the spout when placing the tea to guide the tea into the pot and prevent the tea leaves from falling out of the pot.

The rules of tea: the ruler, the rule, the tea is the utensils for holding tea into the pot. It is used to measure the tea leaves to ensure the accurate amount of tea, mostly bamboo and wood products. 

Tea clip: also known as "tea chopsticks" The function of the tea clip is the same as that of tea. It can hold the tea dregs out of the pot; people often use it to hold the teacup to wash the cup. It is anti-scalding and hygienic.

Tea needle (chatong): The function of tea needle is to dredge the inner net (honeycomb) of the teapot to keep the water flowing. When the spout is blocked by tea, it is used for dredging, or the tea is evenly mixed after putting in the tea. At the bottom, the whole tea is on top. The tea needle is sometimes integrated with the teaspoon, that is, one end is a tea needle and the other end is a slag spoon, which is made of bamboo or wood.

As an indispensable tool in the entire tea art performance, the tea ceremony group is a beautiful scenery for tasting tea in the poetic painting environment. It plays a role in embellishing the beauty. It is not only a practical tool but also a manifestation of art, which makes many tea lovers love it. One of the things that may attract your attention may be the tea ceremony bottle used to store the components. Its materials are diverse, with different shapes, flowers, birds, fish and insects, which have a lot of meaning, so the tea ceremony group has greatly improved its ornamental.

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