Four Tea-producing Areas in China

China was the first country in the world to discover ,produce and consume tea some 4,000-5,000 years ago. Many scholars' studies on historical matenals and Chinese wild tea plants prove Sicuan and southwestern China to be the cradle of global tree plants.

Tea producing area

(Map of Chinese Tea Producing Area)

Tea-producing areas appeared in China as early as the Tang Dynasty. In his masterpiece the Classic of Tea, Chapter 8 Producing Areas, Lu Yu wrote about China's tea-producing areas in the Kaiyuan Period  of Tang as: 43 prefectures across 8 regions produced tea.TheSong Dynasty, witnessed the expansion of tea. During Yuan,Ming and Qing dynasties,tea-producing areas further expanded. The Opium Wars and other battles adversely affected tea production. Post the founding of the People's Republic of China , China's tea producing areas progresses,witnessing the recovery and expansion of tea-producing areas. Today,tea is produced in more than 1,000 counties and cities across 20 provinces autonomous regions and municipalities.

  1. Tea producing areas in southwestern china

  2. Tea producing areas in the north of the yangtze river in china

  3. Tea producing areas in the south of the yangtze river in china

  4. Tea producing areas in south  china

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