The Development of Chinese Tea Set

With gaining popularity,the ancient tea set,gradually transformed into a complete category. The earliest recorded tea set was in Lu Yu's Classic of Tea. In Volume 2 Tea Tools and Volume 4 Tea Ware,Lu Yu records in detail the tools used for picking tea and ware used for brewing tea.In the Tang Dynasty,the 15 tools used for picking and making tea were named "tea tools" and the 28 utensils used for boiling and drinking tea were named "tea ware".

These titles were used till the north Song Dynasty.With evolving tea drinking methods, these were renamed "tea set" in the south Song Dynasty and the name is still used today.

The modern tea set evolved from the ancient tea set according to ihe types of tea and tea-making methods. It mainly refers to the utensils used for brewing and drinking tea, including the water boiler,tea-making device tea appreciating appliance and auxiliary appliances. Trendy and easy use, the modern tea set meets the    requirements of different types of tea and different brewing methods.

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